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Moonshiners – Season 2 Finale

January 31, 2013


So for the last couple months, Discovery Channel has given America the opportunity to see some behind-the-scenes moonshining action on Moonshiners.  Last night, the second season finale aired, and it still left us with questions: is this the clue that the show will be back for season 3 or just plain annoying?  Did Mark and Jeff get arrested? Did Bill and Josh ever make any moonshine?  Did Tickle ever find a way to make money and did Tim ever go legit? We got answers to some of those questions, but as for the others, we were left waiting. 


Mark and Jeff were able to finish their moonshine runs, even upping the ante to running three stills at once with the help of Jeff’s family and Jim Tom (I love Jim Tom.  He’s a toothless wonder).  The two bigger stills were run by Jeff and his family, and Jim Tom ran a third smaller one.  Mark was on mountain security detail and was running around for most of the episode.  When the duo begin to deliver the moonshine across the county, that’s when things turn really dramatic.  We see Jeff being pulled over by police, though we don’t know why (I mean, it might be because of speeding, or just because he was a moonshiner).  We aren’t given any clarification as to whether he’s arrested or not, but it appears that he is at the least in trouble with police when the episode ends.

After the entire episode, we finally see what I’ve been wondering about all along: does Deputy Sheriff Chuck actually work in the same area as the moonshiners or is he off on his own?  The answer – I’m still not sure.  We see him go to pull someone over, but we never see him actually arrest anyone.  The final word we get on Chuck is a black screen with a typed out message from the producers saying “Chuck finally caught who he had been pursuing all season” (or something like that).  It looks as if the producers want us to believe that it was Jeff that he arrested, especially due to Jeff’s run in with police.  (Fun Fact – the last time we see Chuck speeding off to allegedly arrest someone, it’s bright outside, straight up daytime.  When Jeff gets pulled over, it’s pitch black).

Bill and Josh don’t do that well when it comes to actually making moonshine.  Sure, the accomplished their goal of setting up an underground still area, but they don’t really make any moonshine.  At least, they don’t make any on the show or this current moonshine season.  As they try out their steamer-still, one of the seals on the thing pops off and there goes all their liquor.  Oops.  They seem upset, but in the end, they just wind up partying at their fairground (and underground still site) screaming about how no one knows what’s underneath the stage (hint – if it’s a secret, don’t scream about it, especially on national television).

And finally, Tim and Tickle.  Tickle is kind of a genius in selling Tim’s “backup plan” (his leftover illegal moonshine), by putting it in the water-storage tank of a trailer home or whatever the thing is.  That way, he can pour the moonshine straight out of the trailer’s faucets and hand them out easily.  Win for Tickle. Tim barely appears in this episode.  He appears at one point talking about creating a bottle design for his legal distillery and then appears again in the last shot of the season.  Tim appears in a black SUV on his way to a major investor in Atlanta, who will allegedly help Tim’s dreams of going legit become reality.  We aren’t given any information about how the meeting went or about his distillery after this though, so now we just have to wait to see.

On a sad note, we were introduced to two other moonshiners, Mike and Tweedy, in the last few episodes of the season.  They were only getting involved in moonshining again (they had done it previously but had since retired) to raise some money for Mike’s brother, Darrin, who needs medical treatment for a kidney disorder.  Unfortunately, even though Mike and Tweedy were able to make some money for Darrin’s treatments, the finale was dedicated to Darrin, who has since passed away.

There has been no official announcement from Discovery Channel saying that Moonshiners will continue and have a third season.  But, the ratings for this season have been some of the best on cable television, averaging around 2.95million viewers throughout (which is decent for cable).  Is it enough for the show to be renewed? I’m not sure. I would assume it is.  But we’ll see.  Also…I’m hoping that there is because I wanna see if Jeff actually got arrested and if so, if it was by Deputy Chuck.  There are rumors that the show is just a dramatization but there has never been a confirmation either way.  If it is fake, that’s rude.  Don’t present it as a reality show.  If not, I still don’t understand why Chuck didn’t arrest you people for obstruction of justice.



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  1. Chelsey shore permalink

    It is real.. No dramatization. I just talked to tickle last Saturday when I ran into him.. They cannot be Arrested for what is shown on the show (they leave out enough to keep the law guessing) and the law still has to find them in the thick woods with product which is highly unlikely. But sounds like business is booming from what tickle said so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a third season.. In keepin my fingers crossed!

  2. Tony permalink

    it’s as real as any other “reality” show, which means it has real people in it but basically it’s all staged. It is pretty entertaining though, at least the cop this season wasn’t as big a bumbling idiot as the cop from season 1

  3. I think its on again next week with a round table discussion including most of the shiners!

  4. Thick McRunfast permalink

    The editing on the show is what bothers me the most. They’re going for the ‘drama’ by editing two completely different scenarios together to give us a false context. For example, they make it seem like Chuck is trailing Jeff and Mark, when he really isn’t. That’s the sort of stuff that bothers me the most.

    I just want to see them brew up some moonshine, and listen to their stories. They’re characters worth watching on their own – don’t need any fake drama introduced… it’s so disingenuous.

  5. Mimo permalink

    So, we know from the show that Tim is the local fire Chief. We know the cars they drive, etc. Is law enforcement really that stupid that they can’t track these peoplel and arrest them? C’mon!

  6. Terry Emrick permalink

    Well the previous show, Chuck was trailing a dark SUV (Grande Cherokee) and left that hanging then showed a peep of him trailing it again but never showed him stopping it in the finale. This happens to be day time. Then when Mark and Jeff are making their runs, appears to be night, it is Jeff getting pulled over in his Dodge truck as Mark goes around Jeff making the comment…Jeffs been pulled over. But Mark is in the Dark SUV that Chuck was following the previous show. If it isnt staged, then they need to do a better job editing and Not Leaving you hanging like this….this is sort of wrong.

  7. Im not a moonshiner LOL permalink

    Secret Summit Part 1 airs wednesday Feb 6.
    “Moonshiners gather together in a secluded cabin to talk about their run-ins with the law and why they decided to let the camers in.

  8. Andrew permalink

    Even if they can’t be arrested for what is shown on the show, we all know exactly where bill and josh have built there underground still. If they really need to use it year round for years to make money, why would they show everyone where it is?

  9. jay permalink

    just love jim tom. he,s the best, dont think jeff got actually caught cause it was at nite like previous blog stated. hope they tell more on wednesday nite. you see by the comercial for after the season that jeff is there. also tickel should sobber? up just a little bit . liquir is quicker but you can also end up dead or kill someone else. they show him driving well under the influance,

  10. r groh permalink

    Well the 52 Chevy is north. Of the 68 bridge in46 foot of water on the 15 20 40 foot break u can c it on side scan and down can. That is a great. Drop to. Fish it is there I wish. Tim would. Have called. Me I need Some tips on shining

  11. Bob permalink

    Reminds me of the wolf and sheep dog on looney toons. One gets paid to guard the sheep while one gets paid to steal them. This is fake. Please don’t use the bs that they have to catch you making the product, because they don’t.I had a relative that went to jail over a still in his barn, and he had no finished product whatsoever. These people are so fake. According to the map on discovery, Jeff and Mark are making shine on one side of the ridge, while Chuck is looking on the other side. So lame. I would like to see all of them get into a gun fight on tv, may the best man win.

  12. Mac permalink

    II enjoy the show, but am troubled by by the fact that in several episodes, a run is just started and the shiners are shown drinking the first liquor out of the condenser (foreshots) Any one who knows anything about distilling knows that this is methanol which is highly toxic. This is how amateurs kill or blind people.

  13. These people on the show arn’t teaching us to make “shine” they are showing how over the years…..the “Moonshiners” did. We see what we want to see, even if they do make shine it won’t be on the show. I love whatching all the cast with real moments and… you really think all those jugs have real shine in them? I really would like to see bootleg to legal shown on the show that would be how it all started in the first place…..and leave a little on the side for us to sip under the Feds…eyes.
    S.Ricketts, Florida

  14. The show is all fake, no one involved has anything to do with actually making moonshine at all. Most of those filmed are local history buffs that are playing the part of bootleggers to depict what moonshiners are about. The narrator even states it is a dramatization and not a reality TV show in some episodes. Also if you look at any of the scenes showing guys with product filling jars you can often see liquid droplets running down the outside of the jars – if it were moonshine it’d be alcoholic enough that they’d evaporate but you can watch them fall off the bottom of the jars in some places. Then there are the bubbles, go shake a bottle of spirits and see if you get those bubbles like they get when the moonshiners shake their jars. It’s clearly water!

  15. Fred Man permalink

    To answer your question if Chuck works in the same area as Mark and Jeff, yes he does. But he is not a deputy and hasn’t worked as a deputy since before he was first on the show. He is the head jailer at the Graham County Jail and has been for over two years now. If you don’t believe me call the jail and ask. He is a great guy though.

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