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Moonshiners – Secret Summit, Part 1

February 7, 2013


Ok, so last week was the “Season Finale” of Moonshiners on Discovery…but it really wasn’t. Discovery is now airing reunions of the Moonshiners called “The Secret Summit,” which is apparently the first time all of the moonshiners are meeting up in person.  Yes, they knew other people were on the show, and probably saw one another on the episodes, but this was their first “in-person” meeting.  And honestly, it was nowhere near as interesting as I thought it would be.  #Disappointed.  Yup, I’m breaking out the hashtags because last night I live-tweeted along with the new episode airing.  And while the episode had a lot of good one-liners and commentary, it was not as entertaining as it could’ve been.

Basically, Part 1 of the “Secret Summit” gave us one of the answers to the questions I asked last week: Did Jeff get arrested?  The answer: No. Of course he didn’t.  The was obvious though, wasn’t it?  Some bonus footage was shown as the producer (who was last night’s host) asked about the incident, which showed us that Jeff was asked to step out of the car and open his trunk.  Upon doing so, the police found nothing (as Jeff had already made his drop off of his liquor).  Oops.

And apparently, there was a lot more involvement of the police going on behind the scenes (away from the cameras?) during the season.  Apparently some deputies or law enforcement officers approached Tim with pictures from the series and threatened him with them.  His response?  “If you wanna talk, come inside cause it’s dinner and I’m hungry” (paraphrased).  I guess you can only be arrested for moonshining if they catch you in the act of moonshining or transporting it.

The one person I was upset wasn’t involved in the main reunion was Jim Tom.  But don’t worry, he was featured in the “Secret Summit.”  The producer dude went into the woods to find and interview Jim Tom.  They talked about Jim Tom’s life and his moonshining stories.  (Also…we were shown a preview of next week’s Part 2 at the end, and apparently Jeff and Jim Tom are not speaking? Dah fuck!? How can you be mad at Jim Tom?!).  My favorite part of Jim Tom was when he basically told the producer man that he was “going to make shine” and that the interview was over.  He dismissed him like Beyoncé did Destiny’s Child at the Superbowl.

Also missing from the summit was Chuck, the sheriff deputy who was presented as hunting Jeff and Mark throughout the season.  No explanation was given as to where he was or if we’ll be seeing him in the “Secret Summit” reunion, but I hope we at least get a Jim Tom-style interview because I’d really like to know what happened to him following the season.  But we’ll see next week.  As I noted above, there were some previews of next week’s continuation, but not a lot.  – we’ll be Live-Tweeting next week’s episode as well!


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